Born in India and brought up in Ghana, Anjana Das lived the most exciting part of her life in Egypt until the Arab revolution of 2011. For 12 years she worked as a freelance writer in Cairo, cruising the Nile, snorkelling along the Red Sea coast, hiking Mt. Sinai, camping in the Western desert and writing stories about people and their life. Her work has appeared in Egyptair’s inflight magazine Horus, The Week, Travel Arabia, Middle East Times, Egypt Today and Community Times.

After a brief stint in Malaysia, she is returning to India to find her place. She hopes to share her experiences with others like her, who are both scared and spirited by the thought of retiring and relocating back to their hometowns or countries.

In Country Life she talks about her childhood years in her grandfather’s farm and how it was growing up in the 70s, shares her misadventures with people and places in Travels & Encounters and investigates about things that have concerned her in The Reporter.

All the amazing photos on the site are shot by @Anil Jay whose images of landscapes and African wildlife are popular at Shutterstock. For permission to use them, drop a mail to beingdas@hotmail.com.



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